Medical Gas Services

Medical and Laboratory Gas Piping Systems

Hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities that require safe installation of medical gas piping will want a commercial medical plumbing contractor with experience in specialized gas piping systems. Zimmerman Plumbing has more than 85 years of experience in commercial and industrial plumbing in special-use facilities including hospitals and laboratories.

System Design

Our company’s certified plumbers work closely with the design team during the planning phase to ensure that piping, storage, delivery and waste systems are properly integrated into the building design. The plumbing team takes into account the client’s budget, engineering parameters and architectural components in designing the system. Areas for storage of specialized gases, routing of each gas from storage facility to use areas and gas recovery systems are components of the overall system.

Expert Installation and Safety

Patient safety depends on reliable, expertly installed medical gas piping facilities with built-in safety features. Because oxygen is highly combustible, the entire system must ensure safe operation including storage facilities, piping and delivery or use areas. Specialized tubing is required to maintain appropriate pressure to avoid combustion.

The interiors of pipes must be cleaned of certain materials such as oil or grease. Brazing is completed in a manner that prevents formation of scale. An appropriate flux is used to join dissimilar materials so that joints are well-sealed and no materials are left inside the pipes.

A safely installed system includes alarms and monitoring systems to ensure consistent pressure and indicate when storage tanks are low. The entire system, including each joint, is checked after installation to ensure that gas flow and pressure are consistent and unimpeded.

Maintenance of Medical and Laboratory Gas Systems

We are an experienced, certified medical plumbing contractor, licensed to provide maintenance and repair support to existing systems. Patient safety is of the highest concern to medical facilities, and the technicians at Zimmerman Plumbing are qualified to rectify problems to meet this need.


  • Design of Medical Gas Systems
  • Compressor and Vacuum Change Outs
  • Manifold Installations
  • New Medical Gas Installations
  • Repair of Existing Medical Gas Installations
  • Hyperbaric Chamber Installations

  • Alarm Installations
  • Outlet Installation
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Repair of Existing Piping System
  • Piping Evaluations